Wednesday, April 28, 2010


spandau ballet may have been owned by tears for fears at the concert last friday night. which i can't say is that surprising. but they didn't completely luck out, they had put together a montage (ew, hate that word) of their own private photos that played on the jumbotron throughout the slow jams. if you could excuse the cliched sappy-ness of this idea, the photos were completely fantastic. most from their early early days touring, with an average age of 20 give or take, the photography was some of the best band photos ive seen. and i suppose the subjects weren't at all damaging to the lens either, maybe some of the most beautiful people i have ever seen. all would have been good if they hadn't made the contrast between 'now and then' so absolutely unavoidable. however even if the looks had faded the level of 'camp' certainly hadn't, that was also absolutely unavoidable.
'True' was still amazing, and i would see it a million times.

I have been unsuccessful in finding photos to do all this justice, so these will have to do


"'Poster Stencil' because they are both stencil and poster in the same time.
as you can see we pasted up the matrix of the stencil -cut on paper- on a panel of wood as a poster, we painted on the matrix in black and when all is dry we destroy the matrix letting some parts of the matrix pasted on the wood. By this way the stencil is not reproducible and the matrix die in the work itself."

- Pretty incredible technique. {TESSA DO IT)

you can check out more at -->


Went to a really nice cafe for lunchylunch today, called 'Clipper' on Glebe Point Rd (up pmatta rd end). I think you can always judge a cafe on the quality of their chai latte, and 'Clipper' is no exception to my rule of chai. It was great with real spicy bits, i would give it a 9 on my chai scale. the cafe was full of cool looking people and had a nice chilled vibe going on. really nice on a sunny wednesday arvo. i also had a fresh fruit salad which was delightful, ne'er a crappy piece of fruit in sight. nice place to take the mama out for a spot of lunch.

Monday, April 26, 2010

tom verlaine



marquee moon//television

I remember the light of darkness doubled,
I recall lightning struck itself,
I was listenin', listenin' to the rain,
I was hearin', hearin' someone else.
I'm in the high point of my night, I feel so impressive, life,
All this time with the Marquee Moon, but just waitin'.

I spoke to the man down at the tracks,
And I asked him how he don't go mad,
He said: "Look here, junior, don't you be so happy,
And for Heaven's sake, don't you be so sad."
I'm in the high point of my night, I feel so d(?)st impressive life,
All this time with the Marquee Moon, hesitating.

Well, a Cadillac, it pulled out of the graveyard,
Pulled up to me, oh they said, "get in, get in".
Then this Cadillac, it puttered back into that graveyard,
Me, I got out again.
I'm in the high point of my life, I feel so impressive, life,
All this time with the Marquee Moon, but I ain't waitin', uh-uh.

I remember how the darkness doubled, I recall lightning struck itself,
I was listenin, listenin' to the rain, I was hearin', hearin', something else.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

developing film

why must developing 120film be so expensive and take so long. and why am i so lazy that i never go and get it developed.

i would like a darkroom in my house if anyone is offering.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

lesley gore


i'm new here//gil scott-heron

insane amounts of drugs, and a prison sentence later he comes out with this delight. includes a fantastic cover of 'I'm new here' by smog. fan.tas.tic.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

bernard pierre wolff

Monday, April 12, 2010

the saints//(i'm) stranded

never. gets. old

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


sweet jesus this is good. go listen

Saturday, April 3, 2010

as read in ampersand.

Personals ads for the modern time traveller.

"To the hottie that got a pentagram tattooed on his forehead at the winter solstice black mass in France 1594 - your passion for the dark lord is hot. Coffee?"

"To the girl at the troubadour party, pretty sure it was London, High Middle Ages...Maybe. I was on a buck's time travel night. You were wearing a gigantic headdress. You said; "I am the night." Wish i wasn't so pissed. Reckon you were the one. Shit"

The best magazine i have read in a long time full of photography, art, poetry, interviews and short stories. It will fill your life with excitement.

(Ampersand Magazine is a Sydney-based art and culture magazine filled with delightfulness.)

Go here --->

Friday, April 2, 2010

mamas and the papas

Whilst listening to my 'Mamas and Papas - Hits of Gold' album earlier tonight i got around to reading the blurb on the back, i will now paraphrase this blurb because it is hilarious. I think this was released around 1968.

"In today's world of beaver-fur vests and Abe Lincoln haircuts. The 'big group' with the 'big sound' is 'in'. These groups are slowly but surely revolutionising popular music. No longer is it sufficient to grow your hair long and wail. Now in the age of Ravi Shankar and art pop music. Imitation is out, originality is in. Real in! This 'big group' is extraordinary....There are four of them and they vary in height, weight and just about everything except talent, of which they share and equally large amount. John Phillips is leader of the group and is responsible for their destinictive vocal arrangements. Tall, thin and gaunt with a waxed moustache and occasional beard, John has remained in the folk world of non-conformity for several years. He doesn't write 'folk rock' or 'protest music' but his ethnic sound must be taken seriously. He shares a comfortable home on top of a Hollywood hill with a fellow-papa, Denny Doherty. Denny is British, with a sense of humour that is strictly Celtic...Cass Elliot, the slightly larger of the mamas, is usually described as the sound of the group...Cass is a warm, vibrant person. She spends a large part of her life roaming antique stores, and buzzing around Hollywood in a pint-sized jalopy with a sticker on the back which states: "Paul Butterfield is blue and beautiful". Michelle is the baby mama, and says her past occupation was a part-time witch! She is a wistful, serene little thing who used to be a model and in her own way, still is. She has faraway blue eyes, a quite little smile and doesn't talk much. It's often difficult to perceive just what is brewing inside her. And when our little witch sings, it's a gas! Before the Mamas and the Papas came to the Dunhill offices to sing they lived in the Virgin Islands in a state of semi-existentialism. Which is more or less to say in paradise man! They set up camp in the foliage behind the beach and every day would laze in the sun singing their songs to the curious natives who grew to love them. But the steel-gloved hand of bureaucracy descended, the park rangers accused the Mamas and Papas of trespassing on their beaches, and the governor of the islands said "Go home Yankee!""

These are the things that made me laugh (or strange things that made me think) -

"He (John Phillips) shares a comfortable home on top of a Hollywood hill with a fellow-papa, Denny Doherty". I may be reading into this, but my naturally suspicious mind picked up on this sentence, was this a subtle way to allude to an alternative lifestyle ?

Ethnic music = WASP way of saying "Crazy African American music"

"Cass, the slightly larger of the Mamas" If you are going to bring up her weight as an important fact to her person (which it absolutely is not), at least be honest. Mama Cass was not 'slightly' larger than the rest, that just makes the whole thing awkward.

The whole part about Michelle being a part-time witch, and the comment I'm still trying to work out "...who used to be a model and in her own way, still is..." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN??!?

But the best part in my opinion is their life before being signed. I have my suspicions that its absolute bullshit, i googled it and couldn't find any information on their previous semi-existentialist lifestyle playing to the natives in the Virgin Islands. Sounds great though.

If anyone can verify this information let me know, maybe it was my crap google skills.

nuclear power pants//got soul

This clip is freaky cool. the song is pretty damn delightful as well.

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