Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gold, GOLD!

I've gots me some tickets to Spandau Ballet and Tears for Fears. I thought it was strange TFF was supporting SB, but after further investigation i found out they were doing a tag team thing around the country. A tag team of excellence. I'm stupidly excited. 

Lanewaytoogood festival

 Echo and the Bunnymen (Top) and Daniel Johnston (Bottom). Courtesy of Turd's iPhone. 

Went to Laneway on Sunday, and as predicted it was fantastic. Unfortunately i didn't get to see everyone i wanted to, most notably Bridezilla (not a fan of these 3 stage events you always miss out on something). So there was some serious prioritising. Started the day with some Seekae and Danimals, perfect morning music. 
Jonathan Boulet was next and i found myself pleasantly surprised. I was a bit more than hesitant before they started, but they established a good atmosphere and they have some pretty strong songs, i would like to go back to them in about 5 years time. 
Then was Wild Beasts, i was pretty excited about this one having liked 'Limbo, Panto' and 'Two Dancers'. They didn't disappoint, it was a pretty good set but nothing amazing. The crowd was a big let down though, i don't care if you are also from England and have personal jokes with the band no one wants to hear it throughout the entire set.

The XX...yeah, ok. Why have you stolen Gary Numan's clothes?? 

There isn't much i can say about Daniel Johnston, because if you know his music you know how amazing he is and if not...well you're at a loss. The crowd was great, everyone was hells excited. The only show i saw that day where people were chanting his name half an hour before he started. However, wondering whether he is going to have a heart attack throughout the set is not so exciting. Dan isn't looking so well.
I'm not the person to do an objective report on Echo and the Bunnymen, they were always going to be great because of my blind devotion. They did most of the songs i expected; Cutter, The Back of love, Seven Seas, Killing moon ect. I was disappointed they didn't play 'My Kingdom',  'Crystal days' and 'Ocean Rain' but you get what you get at a festival. Ian was at his wanker best, but you've still got to love him, wearing his trademark black overcoat on a 30 degree summer day and smoking a whole pack of cigarettes during a 50 minute set. Good effort i think.

Then Florence and the Machine...i don't hate it, but i don't love it. Everyone else seems to love it though, maybe i'm weird. 

All in all, the best festival i've been to this summer. Even though i now have an unattractive tan line from my boots it was all worth it. My company was also quite satisfactory (Turd). 

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