Saturday, May 22, 2010


'it was and is "surround sound" for the extreme fanatic'- Wayne Coyne

i was reading a flaming lips review in the paper a couple of days ago - talking about their new album of pink floyd 'dark side of the moon' covers - and it got me thinking about all their albums, and then i thought 'zaireeka', and then i thought 'shit! a zaireeka listening party would be perfection'. so now im stuck on this idea, ive never heard them played properly with the 4 CD players and youtube has tons of videos of people having their zaireeka listening parties. so i want to join the craze (yes, im 13 years late). ive heard bits and pieces, and its interesting, but i dont think its right untill you've heard it the way it was intended to be listened to.

concept-y albums scare me, they have the opportunity to go so horribly wrong. bring me some CD players and alcohol so i can conquer my fear.


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