Thursday, August 5, 2010

favourite book//days between stations

i just finished this and i'm still extremely confused, and extremely in love. there is no way to explain what happens, or why it happens. and you could easily go insane trying. but maybe that would ruin it? i blame school for this need to over analyse and find meaning in everything, sometimes just being able to enjoy is enough. ericksons writing is a love and hate situation, i believe in grey areas but not in regards to this. ive read reviews and talked to people who read the first 20 pages and never picked up his work again. and sometimes when mid thought the story disintegrates and moves to another demension/time/location the urge will strike you to throw the book away and never think of it again. but don't. it's such a sense of achievement when you finish and still manage to have your sanity intact.


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