Friday, August 6, 2010

joy division//sordide sentimentale

my vinyl wet dream. sordide sentimentale.

only 1578 were pressed to be sold only in france. a 7" single with atmosphere and dead souls, but a 3 page sleeve with artwork by jean-francois jamoul and writting by jean-pierre turmel as well as one of the most famous joy division photos. most of the pressing was sent just as the paper sleeve and record, later copies were sent in a plastic sandwich bag. the original record is completely indistinguishable and plain from the outside, and still are now being sold in excess of 600GPB.


Tessa-Turd said...

oh how I am enjoying these little updates that give me some peace of mind of as to where the hell you are.
loving the blogroll and missing yo dumb ass. fly home my pretty!

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