Saturday, April 6, 2013


I bought three new lovely records from The Record Crate in Glebe tonight, after a considerable hiatus from collecting I have returned with a vengeance, buying five more for my collection in the past week alone. I am usually very restrained, and I don't let myself enter these shops anymore because invariably I will find a record to lust over and I am an impulsive buyer. The Record Crate is my enabler, they are fairly new and possibly the finest second hand store in Sydney. I have not seen such a well curated selection in a long time, and such fantastic quality - they are certainly not 'padding out' the occasional good record with shit. I was even condescendingly asked at the register if I "actually owned a record player", it wouldn't be a visit to a record store without being asked if I'm "buying these for my father" or if I actually own the machine on which to play these records I'm paying $60 for. Either way my resulting facial expressions made him back-pedal as fast as he could manage. 

 Crowded House - Self- titled debut

 Leonard Cohen - The songs of Leonard Cohen
 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country

In all their beautiful unscratched, undamaged glory. 


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