Saturday, April 3, 2010

as read in ampersand.

Personals ads for the modern time traveller.

"To the hottie that got a pentagram tattooed on his forehead at the winter solstice black mass in France 1594 - your passion for the dark lord is hot. Coffee?"

"To the girl at the troubadour party, pretty sure it was London, High Middle Ages...Maybe. I was on a buck's time travel night. You were wearing a gigantic headdress. You said; "I am the night." Wish i wasn't so pissed. Reckon you were the one. Shit"

The best magazine i have read in a long time full of photography, art, poetry, interviews and short stories. It will fill your life with excitement.

(Ampersand Magazine is a Sydney-based art and culture magazine filled with delightfulness.)

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