Wednesday, April 28, 2010


spandau ballet may have been owned by tears for fears at the concert last friday night. which i can't say is that surprising. but they didn't completely luck out, they had put together a montage (ew, hate that word) of their own private photos that played on the jumbotron throughout the slow jams. if you could excuse the cliched sappy-ness of this idea, the photos were completely fantastic. most from their early early days touring, with an average age of 20 give or take, the photography was some of the best band photos ive seen. and i suppose the subjects weren't at all damaging to the lens either, maybe some of the most beautiful people i have ever seen. all would have been good if they hadn't made the contrast between 'now and then' so absolutely unavoidable. however even if the looks had faded the level of 'camp' certainly hadn't, that was also absolutely unavoidable.
'True' was still amazing, and i would see it a million times.

I have been unsuccessful in finding photos to do all this justice, so these will have to do


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